The Great Secret

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When I was a child, I could see the light in anyone. I could see how each and every person had such unique gifts to share. I could see what a treasure they each were to the world, exactly as they already were. To me, they were all “perfect.”

Yet, for the most part, they didn’t seem to see their own greatness, their own perfection.

Rather, they each seemed to create and engage their own unique set of false beliefs about themselves. This left them feeling inferior, unworthy, and stuck.

Couldn’t they see how wonderful they were? Didn’t they want to see how wonderful they were?

When I shared my thoughts with the adults around me, most of them told me I was “just a kid” and didn’t understand “life” or “reality.” They told me life is “hard” and “unfair.” They told me I was seeing life with “rose-colored glasses.” They said there are indeed “good” people in the world, but there are also “bad” people, and that, eventually, everyone will let me down because everyone’s selfish and nobody’s perfect, even the good people.

My eyes could see why they had these beliefs. It was easy to see how I, in fact, sounded “like a kid,” how I sounded utterly naive.

Nevertheless, my heart didn’t flinch. Its message was crystal clear: everyone is good; everyone is the same; life is fair and meant to flow smoothly, like a river.

Most importantly, my heart told me this “rose-colored” perception of life–of reality–was, in fact, reality, and, as a result, could be accessed and experienced.

As I grew older, I came to learn that many others–primarily those within the ‘field’ of “spirituality”–had believed the same and dubbed this perception of reality as the Ultimate Truth, aka the “Truth” with a capitol “T.”

Most spiritual ‘seekers’ are taught that the Truth can be accessed and experienced by abandoning one primary belief: the belief in separation. They’re taught that, despite appearances, there are no real borders or bounderies between us. Separation, then, is but a well-practiced mind trick. In reality, we are all one.

Thus, if we treat others as if they are, literally, us, we ourselves will feel loved if we simply love others, ourselves receiving the love that we give. Practically speaking, the idea is to treat others as we want to be treated. Sound familiar?

Living this way would bring us not only love but peace of mind.

It would also allow us to tap into the tremendous potential hidden in our underlying oneness.

By living in accordance with the Truth, we would break down the mental “barriers” that usually keep us feeling separate from others–even separate from ourselves. We would make miracles, manifesting new, exciting experiencess of joy, connection, and abundance.

The Truth, then, could be thought as the key to finding real, sustainable happiness, the key to experiencing a meaningful, marvelous, miraculous life.

And this is exactly what I myself have believed since I was a child, at least intellectually.

Yet, despite the fact that knowledge of the Truth has pervaded the humanity since Jesus, Buddha, and beyond, I myself didn’t know anyone who really “lived” it, even “spiritual” people. I didn’t know anyone who saw life with the vision of Truth and, as a result, was truly, sustainably happy.

Most people I knew never even talked about the Truth. Instead, most people talked about their suffering and their belief that life is inherently difficult. Every life I knew of boiled down to a series of frustrations over perceived inequalities and inequities.

Despite my intellectual affinity for the Truth, my life–as I would have happily told anyone who would listen–was no exception.

Nevertheless, in 2003, I began working as a spiritual coach/teacher, a self-proclaimed Truth teller. But I was by anyone’s definition an “unhealed healer.” While I “got” the Truth intellectually, I had yet to actually “get” it. I had no idea what it really meant, or if it had any real, practical meaning at all. I had yet to emotionally attune to it and apply it to my own life. Thus, it was unavoidably absent from my work with clents and students.

In fact, a decade of coaching/teaching later, I was still “looking” for it.

Then, shortly after a major life event, I had a clear and lengthy spiritual “awakening,” one I did not see it coming., of course

During this time, for the first time, I started to experience the Truth–emotionally and without the direction of my intellect. From then on, I began to finally “get” it.

Eventually, I became able to recognize the Truth and even apply it with the direction of my intellect. Although, I still had a ways to go, I had clearly started to live it. Relative to my life experience up until that point, my life felt new, liberating, and expansive!

Around the same time, I was introduced to the well-known spiritual tome, “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM).

I just loved it. I felt lit up by it’s attunement to what appeared to me to be the Truth. I studied it fervently and became an ACIM teacher. I thought I had found the most wonderful and effective way to deliver the message of the Truth and help change lives.

Yet, in late 2014, I found myself baffled by the trouble/resistance/confusion I was seeing in my students with regards to both understanding and applying the Truth.

That’s when I had the first of two revelations.

I immediately applied this first revelation to my own life and found a whole new layer of exciting possibilities emerging and coming to fruition. I tried to share this revelation with my students in hopes it would help them but found it was met with more trouble/resistance/confusion. One thing was clear: something was lost in translation, though I hadn’t yet figured out what it was.

Then, in late 2016, I had the second, and truly miraculous, revelation.

It taught me how to translate the Truth to others in a way that actually worked!

As it turns out, it was the “missing piece” in not only my personal life and work, but in all “spiritual” teaching and counseling. In fact, it’s the missing piece that virtually no one in the world (consciously) realizes is missing!

I call this missing piece The Great Secret.*

So, what’s so ‘great’ about it?

It teaches us how to finally, consciously experience the Truth, to emotionally connect with it, to feel it and, as a result, really know it. In turn, it teaches us how to apply it with certainty, clarity, and absolute practicality, despite the undeniable appearance of separation in our everyday lives. As a result, it relieves us of the “cognitive dissonance” we normally experience when we so desperately want to live the Truth, but can’t get ourselves to consistently do so.

What’s more–as preposterous as it may appear–The Great Secret is the elusive “Theory of Everything” that people have been searching for since the dawn of time. It resolves the seeming paradox of the “we all are one” Truth and our separation-based physical experience in the body, explaining various views of reality are all pointing to the same Truth.

I’m thrilled to say–although it’s taken me lots of practice–I now understand how to use The Great Secret to help both myself and others make miracles and create the lives they’ve known deep down to be their destiny.

I’m forever humbled that The Great Secret was revealed to me and certain it was for one reason and one reason only: because I truly, sincerely wanted the Truth in my life and, eventually, nothing else.

To be clear, I have necessarily moved on from the teachings in ACIM to create something “new.” That said, I’m eternally grateful for my time with ACIM. It became, and still is, one of the core inspirations and stepping stones on my path to not only living and sharing the Truth, but learning The Great Secret.

*The Great Secret is not–and is not intended to be confused with–“The Secret,” i.e. the Law of Attraction.

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