(6/13/20) The Ultimate Astrology Workshop

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What if Astrology could help you identify and clarify your life purpose? What if it could show you how to break out of old, frustrating patterns in your love life or help you release your childhood pain? What if it could show you how to bridge communication gaps between you and your boss, or your sister, or your best friend? Perhaps you work as a coach or therapist…what if it could give you critical insight about the underlying belief systems of your coaching or therapy clients? That would be a nice little cheat code, wouldn’t it?

What if I told you Astrology can, in fact, do all these things… and so, so many more.

Would I have your attention?

Whether you’re an Astrological newbie, dabbler, or bona fide expert, The Ultimate Astrology Workshop (TUAW) has A TON to offer you.


Sometimes we study charts of famous people, sometimes we look at charts of the workshop participants (like you!), sometimes we do charts of people you personally know. Sometimes we do impromptu lessons on a particular aspect of Astrology (pun intended for those in the know ;). Sometimes we’ll do all of these things…or just one of them… or something completely different. We’ll go where the flow takes us! Bottomline: TUAW IS UNPREDICTABLE AND DIFFERENT EVERY TIME.

That said, you can expect every workshop to leave you with new insights into Astrology and, most importantly, new insights into yourself. 

Oh, and you’ll connect, learn with, and have fun with a bunch of people you’ve never met. Cool.

This all sounds great, right? With so much obvious value, I bet it’s like a million bucks to take.

Yes, one would think. All joking aside, my 2-hr Astrology workshops are usually $100. 

But no longer. I’ve decided to offer TUAW pandemically-priced, i.e. at a huge savings. Here’s why:

First, many people have lost their jobs in the age of Covid-19. Most could use a financial break.

Second, those who are considered essential workers are being faced with their own mortality, not to mention that of others. A situation like this could bring up a lot of otherwise undealt-with personal issues. 

Third, those of us who aren’t considered essential workers are basically homebound. That situation, too, could force us to notice a lot of things about ourselves we normally avoid or bypass.  

The truth is, this crisis is asking ALL of us to face and reassess ourselves, our thoughts, and our ways of life. 

Astrology is GREAT at handling all of this. 

So, with these considerations in mind, I’m taking 70% off my usual workshop fee, knocking it down to just $30 a pop. That’s it. And if $30 isn’t possible for you, give me a call (720-517-9454). We’ll talk and figure something out. I want to help anyone who wants to help themselves.

By the way, for those who think your Astrology is depicted by your “sign,” you will be the most pleasantly surprised of all. Put it to you this way, equating your “sign” to your Astrology is like equating a stethoscope to a doctor.

Again, do I have your attention?

What if I told you that, fundamentally, Astrology has nothing to do with the planets?

I bet I’ve got it now! 🙂

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Hey, it's me, Anand! I've been an Astrologer and Coach for the past 17 years. I'm here to help you with love, career, family, you name it.


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$100.00 $30.00
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